Facebook Fiasco: Regulatory Doubts Raised at NAB 2018


    NAB CEO Gordon Smith raised doubts over regulations in light of Facebook’s woes, during the opening session at NAB Show in Las Vegas.

    Smith, who participated in a conversation with House Energy and Commerce Committee chair Greg Walden, said, “To date there really has been no regulation on social media, but they compete with broadcasters for eyes, ears and advertising dollars.”

    Pointing out that ‘we are in the same business in a sense, but we are highly regulated’, he asked if the answer might be more regulation for social media, or less broadcaster regulation.

    Talking about Facebook allegations, Walden said, “These are serious matters. People need to know how their data is used. If [a platform] violates user agreements, there are processes in place. It is about the evolving nature of our platforms.”

    Smith said the National Association of Broadcasters has been around for nearly as long as broadcasting itself – created nearly a century ago with the intent to tell broadcasters’ story and to support their mission, which is at the heart of what they do every day.

    “And that mission is to always be there, to be the voices against oppression…the megaphones for freedom and democracy…and to report the news without fear or favor.”

    He further said that protecting this mission is the moral compass that drives all that we do at NAB, in our advocacy before Congress and the Federal Communications Commission and in our investment in future innovations and technologies.



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