Get Ready for the 60th Edition of Cannes Film Market 2019


    Festival and market registration is open and now is the time to plan your strategy to focus on Cannes Film Market 2019 (May 14 to 23, 2019)

    Preparing for Cannes

    Even seasoned visitors had to prepare for Cannes. No one ventures into Cannes without a product or an objective. People also work ahead for future projects. Whilst it is possible to discuss pre-sales at Cannes, the very fragmentation of the market and the demands on distributors’ time can make this difficult to achieve. Inexperienced producers are encouraged to discuss their expectations with peers or do homework on the market.

    Marché du Film: Cannes Film Market

    “The Film Market” or simply, the “Cannes Market”, is the largest event of its type in the world. As the name suggests, it’s the nuts and bolts end of the festival in which the movie industry gets together to do business: primarily the buying and selling of films. The Market is not prestigious – it’s a tradeshow open to anyone who is looking to buy or has something to sell – and it’s attended by around 12,000 film industry professionals each year. The Cannes Film Market is held in conjunction with the International Film Festival in May each year and runs for approximately twelve days.

    The Cannes Film Market

    Privileged venue of both film discoveries and encounters, the Festival de Cannes reflects the dual nature of the cinema: art and industry. For if the Festival evokes first and foremost the surprise of being selecting and the hope of winning a prize, it is equally the privileged rendez-vous of all motion-picture industry professionals for whom the Marché du Film was first created at the Festival in 1959. Since his creation, the Marché du Film has become the largest film market in the world with, in 2018, more than 12,000 participants from 114 countries and nearly 1500 films screened, 80 per cent of which as world premieres. The Marché du Film is likewise the partner of all professionals, actively contributing to the dynamism of the global motion picture industry, particularly independent cinema. It offers a wide range of services and information tools to encourage exchanges and enable participants to develop their activities all year round.

    The Riviera has been the centre of the Cannes Market. It is situated alongside the Palais des Festivals. Palais is where the competition films are screened. However, many companies at the Market continue to operate from the large hotels (Carlton, Gray d’Albion, Majestic, Hilton) and from apartments along the Croisette. The decentralisation means it is more difficult to “work” Cannes. Business is tied to films screening in market cinemas and deals are done by appointment. An important aspect of Cannes is, however, the promotional and public relations activities – it is the market to improve company profiles and to generate interest in new films.

    The festival side of Cannes is also extremely important, with films selected in the official categories attracting international media coverage, sales interest and offers of work for the directors of the films selected.

    Registrations are now open

    Market Registration is open and now normal rates are applied and costs 345 Euros.

    Marché du Film

    Normal rate (until April 30)* :
    345 Euros (Exclusive of VAT)

    On site :
    400 Euros (Exclusive of VAT)

    Market Screenings

    For producers and agents with Marché accreditation, screenings can be booked through the Marché. Times are allocated on a first come basis. Market screenings. This year, the Marché du Film offers 33 screening rooms with some novelties and important changes. In the new Doc Corner & Marina Club area, located on the ground floor of the Riviera, the Marché has set up an additional screening room dedicated to documentaries as an addition to the Video Library of the Doc Corner. The Lérins (1st floor of the Riviera) benefits now from 4 screening rooms while 2 rooms remain on the Riviera ground floor. All theaters have been renovated: Olympia 1 has been totally refurbished and equipped with Dolby Atmos technology.

    From early February, screening reservations can be made online by all companies that are registered with the Marché. The film request form is available in your company’s account with your email address and password. Requests are processed on a first come first served basis. It’s time to block your dates for market screenings.

    Village International

    The Festival de Cannes offers, thanks to the Village International, the possibility to all motion-picture-producing countries to present and promote, within a national pavilion, their film industry, culture and institutions, as well as develop exchanges.

    This is the ideal place to draw attention to your industry, your production and your cinematography.

    In 10 days the Cannes Film Festival offers the unique opportunity to network with representatives of other countries: institutions, professional organizations, producers.

    The pavilions have now become the must see places for your institutional appointments (announcements of new projects, signings of agreements and contracts) as well as for public relations (press conferences, professional meetings, home producers etc).

    Booth Exhibition Space

    There are over 2000 exhibitors are Palais, Riveria and Lerins. Space have to be booked in advance. It is priced at per sq met. The booths are located in 3 interconnected zones : thePalais, the Riviera and Lérins.


    Dedicated to the XR entertainment industry, Cannes XR aims to be a community-based marketplace oriented towards B2B networking, and to serve as a structuring point for the XR ecosystem on an international scale. Cannes XR is also a major showcase, gathering and shining the light on hundreds of XR experiences curated by the best XR International Studios. Industry Leaders (SDKs, LBEs) will be invited to spread knowledge through a series of summits and talks. XR Artists and Producers will be given the opportunity to promote and, potentially, finance immersive works in progress through pitch sessions, as well as present their works to festival programmers and distributors by registering in a dedicated Library. Cannes XR will boast an 80 seat conference room, a VIP Showcase Lounge to present new projects, a VR Arcade with 10 VR pods offering more than 200 films, and a dozen booths for XR tech companies – in total, Cannes XR will cover 1000 sqm.

    NEXT Pavilion

    The very best of global creativity and innovation at Marche du Film from May 14 to 23 . AT NEXT embrace new ideas, new technologies, new business models and opportunities. Boundaries in cinema are becoming blurred and wider, taking the next step towards new economic models and storytelling forms. Looking for new ways to finance your next movie? NEXT is gathering together the key players of the cinema of tomorrow.


    Producers Network

    Created in 2004, the Producers Network offers a host of original initiatives aimed at producers, ever more numerous each and every year at the Festival: it enables them to develop those projects they wish to bring to the screen and master the ever more complex, global environment of world cinema. About 550 seasoned producers took part in the activities of the 2018 Producers Network. The Producers Network is a program dedicated to bringing together producers in Cannes: to encourage opportunities for international co-productionand to contribute actively to the dynamism of the film industry.

    The Producers Network will take place May 15-21, 2019. The Producers Network is only open to producers who have produced at least one film commercially released in a theatre within the last three years.

    India’s Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is the opening cocktail partner on May 15 at this years’ Producers Network.

    Marché du Film & Producers Network

    Normal rate (until April 30)* :
    419 Euros (exclusive of VAT)

    On site : No registration

    DOC Corner

    The Doc Corner brings together the entire documentary film community present in Cannes – sales agents, distributors, buyers, festival programmers, producers, directors — all in one unique venue, just for docs. DOC Corner is a dedicated venue and tailored venue for all feature documentary filmmakers and decision makers. Doc Day on May 21 is a full day event composed of keynotes, panel discussions and masterclasses featuring inspiring filmmakers and industry executives.

    Business at Cannes

    People are there to do hardcore business. There is no time and meetings are fixed months before the market. Contracts are signed instantly and many move around with lawyers and co-production experts. Cannes is most beneficial for the producer, director and the actors associated with a film in the official selection, sales agents and buyers, and producers working with an agent on the promotion of their film. Producers selling their own films are strongly advised to draw up a realistic marketing campaign in order to make preliminary approaches prior to the market to ensure the most effective use of their time. Producers selling their film without the help of a sales agent may find the Cannes Market a hard place to succeed because of the glut of features on offer each year, and as much of the deal making relies on reputation and relationships built over time.

    While the market is geared towards finished films, the Cannes Market can also offer one of the best opportunities for producers to finance a project or to obtain pre-sales for a feature. The fragmentation of the market and the demands on distributors’ time can make this difficult to achieve, however sales agents, financiers and distributors are also there with an eye to upcoming opportunities and will often commit to projects at script stage. Producers are advised to draw up a realistic pitching strategy and to approach their targeted contacts prior to the market to ensure the most effective use of their time.

    Goes To Cannes

    Goes to Cannes spotlights work-in-progress projects looking for sales agents, distributors or a festival selection. The Goes to Cannes series will be screened in Palais K over three days from May 18 to May 20.


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