Mad rush: 38 films release in India today, 9 from Tamil alone

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Believe it or not, 38 films have hit the screens in India today. And nine of them are in Tamil alone. Thirty eight movies on a single day is not an ordinary figure, as it is more than the number of films produced by many countries annually.

Too many cooks spoil the broth. This is clearly the case in Tamil cinema box-office today, as a whopping number of nine movies are out, the highest for any film industry in India (seven Telugu movies, five Kannada flicks, four each in Hindi and Bengali, two each in Malayalam and English and one each in Marathi, Urdu, Punjabi, Assamese and Chattisgarh). Trade pundits are worried that since too many films are releasing on a single day, none of them could realise their box-office potential.

The Tamil films which saw the light of the day today are ‘Ghajinikanth’, ‘Arali’, ‘Kattu Paya Sir Intha Kaali’, ‘Enga Kaatula Mazhai’, ‘Kadal Kuthiraigal’, ‘Kadikara Manithargal’, ‘Maniyar Kudumbam’, ‘Nadodi Kanavu’ and ‘Uppu Puli Karam’. Among these, only ‘Ghajinikanth’, starring Arya as protagonist, has managed to witness decent advance bookings, industry sources say, expressing worry over the situation.

According to Bharat Kumar, journalist and industry tracker, “So many small-budget films are getting released today and sadly, most of them will not even be reviewed by the mainstream media. What happened in Hollywood once, when The New York Times stopped reviewing films when there was a rush in box-office, is happening in Kollywood today.”
He adds: “Audience are confused and a majority of them are not even aware of the names of the films releasing today. As a result, there will be very little footfalls in cinema halls this weekend. It’s time that industry bodies should sit together and work for a solution which would do good to small producers.”

The mother of this situation, it is said, is the digital revolution, with which the overall cost of making a film has been reduced to half or sometimes even lesser. But this shouldn’t end up as golden goose story.


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