Eros International Targets New Areas with TIFF

Pranab Kapadia, President Marketing, Eros International

Eros has been a pioneer in taking Bollywood films worldwide, opening new markets and pushing the boundaries for consumption of Bollywood content. TIFF is one platform that will help us achieve this, says Pranab Kapadia, President Marketing, Eros International. He is part of the Confederation of Indian Industry’s delegation at Toronto

What is your focus at Toronto International Film Festival and Market 2018?

TIFF is fast becoming an important event in the annual film festival calendar to profile our films, meet with potential distributors and get an insight into the changing trends in world cinema. This year we are bringing our most awaited film – Manmarziyaan. It’s a unique combination of Anurag Kashyap, Aanand Rai & Eros International. A musical love story set in Punjab starring Vicky Kaushal, Tapsee Panuu and Abhishek Bachchan. With the ever growing Indian diaspora in Canada and around the world, we are hoping this film grosses big numbers at the Box Office with cross over appeal to the mainstream audiences worldwide. Music is a huge connect and this film has 14 blockbuster songs, making it one of the most engaging music albums of 2018.

What are the goals that you have set for yourself at Toronto? 

Eros has been a pioneer in taking Bollywood films worldwide, opening new markets, pushing the boundaries for consumption of Bollywood content through various touch points and finally presenting our film narrative through strong story lines, emotional drama, music & dance to a mainstream audience around the globe. TIFF is one platform that will help us achieve this.

What are the plans for distribution of Manmarzian? Eros also has Tumbaad premiered at Venice?

Internationally we operate a two pronged strategy for our film releases – One – The traditional Asian diaspora who are extremely well informed and connected with all the news, release dates, announcements surrounding a film’s release. This would span approximately 40-60 countries across 300-600 screens. Two – The Non Traditional mainstream release where the film is either subtitled or dubbed to suit the taste of the local audiences. We jointly form a marketing & release strategy with the local distributor for an impactful and strategic release. Both Venice & TIFF will help us achieve this by connecting with distributors & stake holders who share our passion.

We are increasingly witnessing Indian films released in markets like China, Russia, Turkey. How do you see this trend? Eros has released movies in all these markets? 

Yes we have been pioneering this effort. Every step taken in the right direction has helped grow the market for Indian films. And it has been a collective effort at an industry level. We go into every market with the objective to understand the entertainment needs of the consumer, then customize our product with the help of local partners, assist in presenting our content at par with any world class product and finally reap the rewards for our efforts.

Media and Entertainment has been identified as a champion sector by the Indian government for growth. How do you see this move?

Media, Entertainment & Culture, when it reaches the shores of foreign land and consumed by the masses there, creates massive ‘soft power’ for any country. Bollywood has been silently working towards this… Its heartening to see the government playing a key role and pushing this.


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